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Security is important for everyone and all of us and at some point in our lives, we have needed the services of a locksmith. Be it the need for a new lock for our house or a safe, the services of a locksmith has been invaluable. Almost all the locksmith training courses are available in trade schools. The duration of the program is anytime from two weeks to two years.

You can also choose to do locksmith programs at four-year colleges or online. It is always preferable to have hands on education when it comes to this program. The curriculum of the locksmith training includes key blank identification, different types of locks, knob and lever functions, removing and replacing door locks, dept and spacer keys, deadbolt preparation and installation, panic exit devices and alarms, latches, strikes, and swings, master keying, codes, customer service, and day to day operations. You can also specialize in the fields such as residential, safes, commercial locksmiths, or lock out specialists.


There are plenty of job opportunities for locksmiths. The varied job fields include job opportunities in hotels, schools, hospitals, banks, government facilities, homes, and commercial property management firms. Apart from that, you can start your own locksmith service business. Flexibility of the time of working is also a major benefit of this profession. You can expect to earn around $34,460 to $50,000 as an annual compensation by working as a locksmith.


The cost of the locksmith training depends upon the school and the program you choose to study. A certification course in this field costs about $1,000 on an average. 12 week courses may cost around $5,000. You can also opt for individual subjects, for which you have to shell out around $300.


There are many schools and colleges in the United States of America which offers locksmith training. Some of them are School of Security Rechnology, Acme School Locksmithing Division, and Charles Stuart School. After completing a course in these trade schools, it would be advisable to go in for an internship with an established locksmith. On the job training is an important part of a locksmith's career.

Testing & Preparation

Unlike other degree programs, there is no standard testing or preparation that is required for joining a locksmith trade school. Some schools conduct an evaluation test that tests your mechanical aptitude. Apart from these you have to encompass good hand eye co ordination, patience to work, and honest.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available and information can be requested from specific colleges. The Associated Locksmiths of America provides a scholarship, the application for which can be availed with stipulated conditions. Students of technical schools can apply for Straight Forward Media's Vocational-Technical School Scholarship Program.

Last Updated: January 10, 2012
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