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Jewelry is one of the most preferred accessories for almost people of all age groups. The designs and patterns are catered in accordance with the age of the people and the varying trends of the society.

Jewelry making is a form of art. If you have the passion towards this art, you can go for jewelry schools to gain professional knowledge in jewelry making. The jewelry schools educate you, so that you become a specialist in the jewelry making. You can take up the jewelry making course in varied methods. You can either opt for an undergraduate course, applied art course, or a certification in jewelry design from accredited schools, colleges, or universities.

The curriculum of the jewelry making undergraduate courses include understanding jewelry design theory, jewelry artistry, illustrating the shape, form, and texture of the metal, rendering faceted gems, cabochons, and pearls. You also get to know about application of traditional drafting techniques to design jewelry, designing jewelry using CAD software, creating a variety of designs in wax, and making complete models for casting and mold making from your own designs.

The duration of the jewelry making certification courses ranges from 26 weeks to one year and under graduate courses may range from one to three years depending on the courses and the school you wish to study. Practical training is also included in these courses making them get hands on experience.


The value of jewelry sale has increased three times since 1998. The jewelry making society is highly developing where high end markets are possible. The major advantage of pursuing the jewelry making courses in an accredited college or school is that it provides a guaranteed job, steady income, and low responsibility. You can either opt for a full time job at a manufacturing company or a part time job as a freelance jewelry designer. Though the jewelry makers earn a base salary in the initial stages, as they become experts they can earn high with a lot of additional benefits too.


The cost of the jewelry making courses depends on the college or university you wish to study at. The average tuition fee for undergraduate courses ranges around $9,800 to $16,000 per annum and for the certification programs it costs $6,000 to $8,000 on an average. You can reduce these by availing financial aids and scholarships.


The jewelry making schools may open up new opportunities and ideas in the field of jewelry making. There are various schools that offer jewelry making courses in the Unites States of America. Stockton Jewelry Arts School in one of the colleges that offers workshops on different subjects of jewelry making. Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts and American School of Jewelry are some of the other colleges which are offering bachelor's degree and diploma programs in jewelry making.

Testing & Preparation

Students who aspire to pursue jewelry making courses should be at least 18 years of age. They should also have completed high school diploma or an equivalent degree. Apart from this, the students are also required to attend compulsory apprenticeships and on-the-job training for one year, depending upon the difficulty of the course. In addition, you should have finger and hand dexterity, good hand-eye co-ordination, patience, concentration, and a fine fashion sense.

Financial Aid

Certain colleges provide, in house students, a concession in their fees, also many colleges offer a discount in the fees for the veteran member's dependent, on a stipulated criteria. Certain other colleges arrange for a part-time employment to their students which would help them pay their fees and other expenses. You can also approach Federal Student Aid and USA Funds for financial aid. Certain private banks as Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo provide loans to students.

Last Updated: January 11, 2012
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