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If you are interested in drawing and would like to turn it into a career, then a drawing school is the right place to start. It may be a difficult choice because most artists take up some other occupation for their livelihood. There are hundreds of different drawing schools in the country that can provide you with the necessary fundamentals to become a professional in drawing.

There are many different types of drawings including cartoons, sketches, or portraits. Drawing includes various types of drawing instruments. Some choose to use pencil while others prefer charcoal. Other instruments used for drawing include paint brushes and spray paint.


If you join a drawing school, you get a lot of great benefits. You not only learn drawing but also different ways to utilize that skill for you career. You can choose to become a cartoonist, fashion designer, interior designer, or architect. All these various job options have their own advantages. There are also many other design related jobs where you can apply your drawing skills.


The overall cost for joining a drawing school vary widely with the school you choose. For those who do not mind to spend a huge amount for learning can choose one of the top schools. However, it is sure that if you choose a top-rated school, you will spend more money. There are also cheap and economical schools that offer drawing degrees and courses. Most courses cost around $80 per unit.


Most of the art schools have drawing major. Some of the top art schools in the US include the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Pratt Institute, and New York Academy of Art. There are many other good schools, and they are worth considering because the top schools are very expensive and very difficult to gain admission.

Testing & Preparation

If you need admission to the drawing courses, you need to have good and satisfactory works of your drawing works. You are not required to take up any tests or interviews. Your admission is mainly based on your previous works and creativity. If you do not know basic drawing, you cannot get into the drawing schools at any cost.

Financial Aid

Art degree students cannot avail as much financial aid as the engineering or business students. However, there are a few of the common scholarships and grants like FAFSA. Colleges like Metropolitan State College of Denver and Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design also help and encourage students by providing financial aid to continue their education.

Last Updated: January 11, 2012
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