Cake Decorating Schools

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Cake decorating school is generally part of culinary school, which prepares students to become cake decorating chefs. Courses in cake decorating are offered in two-year technical schools. Many schools also offer certificate programs in cake decorating. Homemakers who are interested in baking and professionals can take this program to learn more about cake decorating. If baking is your hobby, then you can take these courses in your spare time and learn to bake different kinds of cakes and decorate them with lots of designs.

Some of the courses that are taught in cake decorating schools include royal cake icing, flower icing methods, professional baking methods, types of wedding cakes, and designs in sugar paste.


Benefits in doing a course in cake decorating are plentiful. You can become special cake decorating chefs in bakeries and restaurants. Graduates with an associate degree have more chances of getting a job with a higher income than those who have just finished high school. If you are a home maker, a course in cake decorating may make you feel more confident of your baking skills. You can make cakes and design them for special occasions in your family and not spend money buying it from outside.


Costs are dependent on the school in which you choose to do the program. Private schools are costlier than community colleges. Overall expenses include cost of chef coats, kitchen equipment, and baking materials. Cake decorating schools is usually around $7,000 per year.


There are many culinary colleges that offer programs in cake decorating. You can also choose to study in schools that specialize in cake decorating. Caljava Online is one school wherein you can do cake decorating programs online. Wilton Cake Decorating School, McCall's School of Cake Decoration, Amy Malone School of Cake Decorating, and R.L.Clement Cake Decorating School are some of the well known cake decorating schools that you can check out. You can also join schools that have afternoon classes or conduct classes in weekends that working people or homemakers can join.

Testing & Preparation

A high school diploma is the basic requirement for joining this program. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and American College Test (ACT) scores need to be submitted for admission. This test score may be waived for students who are above a certain age or for those who have completed an associate degree program. Some schools have placement tests of their own to admit students for the program. Above all, you should be interested in cooking and baking. Creativity and ingenuity are very essential for studying cake decorating.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is found in the form of scholarships, grant, and loans. International Cake Exploration Society offers scholarships to talented students of cake decorating. National Merit Scholarship Organization has special scholarship programs for students of African-American descent.

Last Updated: January 10, 2012
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