Typing Lessons & Games for Kids

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Typing is a vital skill for students and professionals of all ages. No matter your industry, you'll likely need to work with a computer, and your productivity will depend on your software skill and proficiency. Those who can type quickly are undoubtedly at an advantage with the ability to generate quick, professional, and error-free reports. In this day and age, handwritten reports are obsolete.

As parents, you want your kids to excel academically, athletically, and socially, and without a doubt, your kids will need to be able to use a computer to become successful. Make sure that your child is equipped with the tools to thrive in school and in life by setting aside time for daily typing lessons.

After a long day of school and work, it's undoubtedly difficult to get your child to sit down and keep studying. Videogames and playtime are hard to resist, and typing can seem monotonous and boring.

Luckily, experts have developed age appropriate lessons and games that children actually enjoy. Get your children typing at any age, keep them entertained, and see quick results!

Smarter Schooling has spent hours tracking down free resources to help you teach your kids to type. Start with the basics, and advance at your child's pace by creating a customized lesson plan. Feel free to use our pointers are you see fit.

Typing Lesson Pointers

As with any subject, develop a lesson plan that encourages and challenges your child. Strike a balance between practice and fun, and your child will become an expert in no time.

  • Start with a basic introduction. Don't just sit your kid in front of a keyboard and word processor without direction. You might intimidate your child, and your child might feel lost wondering what to do. Spend some time helping your child become acquainted with the keyboard. Show your child that they should begin by resting their fingers on the "home row" or middle row of the keyboard. Peter's Online Typing Course provides a great visual demonstration to help your child see what fingers go where, and what fingers are used to type which keys. Have your child open a word processing document while looking at Peter's guide for which fingers go where. Practice basic techniques by calling out letters to type, and make sure that your child is matching their fingers with the right letters. As your child feels more comfortable, call out letters at a faster pace, and move on to sentences. Have your child memorize and get a feel for where letters are on the keyboard. Once your child is ready, try covering the keyboard with a cardboard box. Obviously, find or build a box (using tape) that allows enough space for your child to type comfortably.
  • Practice with free lessons online. Let others design your lessons for you! Peter's Online Typing Course features 18 free Adobe Flash based lessons. Pick one or two lessons a night, and have your child continue to practice with and without the keyboard covered.
  • Challenge your child. Don't have your child do the same monotonous lesson over and over. If your child feels confident, it's time to move on. If your child is having trouble, don't punish her by making her fail over and over. Take a step back to find an easier activity, and provide encouragement and positive reinforcement. Kids will get bored if they are faced with something too easy or too hard.

Typing Games

Reward your kids with a typing game. If they master a lesson, let them have play time. Your kids will look at the game as a treat, and you will look at the game as an additional educational activity, so it's a win-win. Think of typing lessons and games like an athletic event. Kids practice their skills that they eventually use in games or matches.

Try to fit these games in your child's lesson plan:

  • Power Typing features lesson plans combined with games
  • Free Typing Game has customized and goal-oriented games, lessons, and tests
  • BBC features a Dance Mat Typing game with four levels for children aged 7-11
  • Typing Test has online typing games like "KeyMan" and "Bubbles"
  • Free Typing Games has over 40 games for kids
  • Alta Typing has five additional games
Last Updated: January 17, 2012
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